Rising monkey and pig populations pose human disease risk

Exploding populations of wild pigs and macaque monkeys in Southeast Asia are threatening native forests and disease outbreaks in livestock and people, according to research led by The University of Queensland.

30 June 2023

New venom discovery from deadly cone snails

UQ researchers have reared deadly cone snails in a laboratory aquarium for the first time, uncovering a potential treasure trove of new venoms for drug development.

29 June 2023
An image from a microscope showing four orange coloured cone-shaped snail shells, each measuring around 1.5mm.
A saltwater crocodile resting on a river bank, it's scales blending into the surrounding environment

A UQ-developed vaccine will protect farmed saltwater crocodiles from West Nile virus, providing economic and biodiversity benefits to northern Australia.

29 June 2023
Students walking on the grass in the Great Court

The University of Queensland has jumped seven places to be ranked 43 in the world in QS World University Rankings 2024.

28 June 2023
A researcher recording data

A $13.7 million project to unlock digital health data on debilitating diseases could reduce hospitalisations, tackle complications and cut health costs.

28 June 2023
a person with black hair wearing a yellow top and pale blue headphones sits at a desk with a laptop and open books

University of Queensland research into the impact of listening to music while studying has been so positive it is now a practical short course offered to all undergraduate students.

28 June 2023

The University of Queensland’s vision for a sustainable future will be at the centre of an international conversation as Brisbane hosts the 2023 World Mining Congress this week.

27 June 2023
a close up of fingers holding an onion-shaped brown ball with roots growing from it

Promoting the cultivation and use of a nutritious and tasty native plant tuber is the aim of a research project at The University of Queensland.

27 June 2023
three people in safety glasses and white coats look at a glowing round yellow dish on a metal table

Researchers from The University of Queensland have made a dust from baker’s yeast that can detect COVID-19 and could safeguard communities against future pandemics.

26 June 2023
Three women standing in front of a screen displaying corporate logos

Brisbane is set to become a hub for Paralympic sport with the announcement of a nationally-significant partnership between The University of Queensland and Paralympics Australia.

23 June 2023
A grey bottlenose dolphin reaching it's head above the surface of the water

University of Queensland researchers have found bottlenose dolphins in Moreton Bay off Brisbane could be teaching other dolphins to ‘beg’ for food from recreational fishers, with the behaviour creating short and long-term risks.

23 June 2023
a grey ball covered in red blobs and yellow and red lines

Researchers have shed light on how a highly infectious virus, that has recently transferred from animals to people, is able to enter human cells.

22 June 2023
A large brown hairy spider sits atop a rock at close range to the viewer.

Research using venom from a rare tarantula is one of two University of Queensland projects which have received funding to develop treatments for motor neurone disease (MND).

21 June 2023