• Carissa Horsey, a young woman, standing and smiling next to her light-coloured horse in a field

    A career in the country

    It may have taken a decade, but Carissa Horsey has finally found her true calling. The Ipswich born and raised Bachelor of Agricultural Science graduate didn’t think university was for her when she finished high school in 2011.

    11 July 2022
  • Sheep grazing in a paddock.

    Fresh hope for new flystrike control method

    Tiny nanoparticles less than a thousandth of a millimetre in size are providing a promising new method to protect sheep against deadly flystrike, according to University of Queensland research.

    30 June 2022
  • Historic black and white image of Gatton main building

    125 years at Gatton

    One of the oldest tertiary institutions in Queensland – now a national hub for agricultural teaching, research and innovation – is celebrating its 125th anniversary.

    28 June 2022
Dozens of small bees flying toward the entrance to their hive.

Scientists at the University of Queensland are buzzing about a new citizen science project investigating some of Australia’s native bee species in our own backyards.

28 June 2022
Order of Australia medals on a purple background

An international leader in audiology and an Indigenous author and poet are among an extensive list of University of Queensland representatives who have been named on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List this year.

13 June 2022
A man at a lecturn waving and a woman in a red dress watching on.

The ALP will rightly bask in this election victory. As the party’s Sydney MP Tanya Plibersek put it Saturday night: a win is a win is a win.

23 May 2022
Silverleaf Whitefly attacks 500 plant species including cotton, grain and vegetables.

It’s one of the biggest challenges facing the environment and farmers across the globe - pest control. Now, University of Queensland scientists have developed an environmentally friendly spray which could prove to be a game-changer for the...

17 May 2022

The University of Queensland will lead Australia’s effort to supercharge commercialisation in the food and beverage industry, with a share of $362 million in federal government funding.

16 May 2022
Garlic in fields, side-by-side showing different yield. (C) Sari Nurulita

Garlic has traditionally been used to ward off evil spirits, but its reputed powers do not stop it from being infected by multiple viruses.

13 April 2022
L-R Robert Henry, Patrick Mason - at Gatton library of sorghum mutants. Image: The University of Queensland

A crop of half a million genetically diverse sorghum plants growing at The University of Queensland’s Gatton campus will help future-proof cereal production in a changing climate.

12 April 2022
Man's hand holding quantity of mungbean, green in colour

From ancient, ‘gassy’ legume to low-carbon, nutritional powerhouse, mungbeans are being given a global makeover, led by researchers at The University of Queensland.

30 March 2022
A man pulling hair from the tail of a cow

A way to determine the age of cattle by analysing their tail hair has been described as a “game changer” for Australia’s lucrative northern cattle industry.

24 February 2022
Amelia Limbongan using her equipment

An innovative herbicide delivery system could revolutionise the way agricultural and environmental managers battle invasive weeds.

2 December 2021
An example of native food confectionery creations from past UQ students, including medicinal lozenges flavoured with lemon myrtle, a bunya and boppal brittle, a quandong and burdekin plum sherbet, desert lime jubes and sour lollies from Davidson plums.

Expect more delicious and premium Australian food in fridges across the globe, with the creation of The University of Queensland’s Agri-Food Innovation Alliance.

18 November 2021
Hand holding chickpea seeds. Supplied by Dr Rajeev Varshney

A massive international research effort has led to development of a genetic model for the ‘ultimate’ chickpea, with the potential to lift crop yields by up to 12 per cent.

11 November 2021
A cross section of a taro.

The tropical root vegetable taro, known as the ‘food of the gods’ in the Pacific, is under threat from rising sea levels but wild Australian plants being cultivated by The University of Queensland may help boost food security in the region.

21 October 2021
A white and brown butterfly

A University of Queensland researcher has spent decades compiling a first-of-its-kind database of the butterfly species of the Torres Strait Islands, boosting biosecurity and conservation measures in the region.

16 October 2021
male jojoba plant

The hot and dry desert environment has led to big genetic differences between male and female jojoba plants, a discovery which could boost jojoba production and shed light on how plants adapt to environmental stress.

15 October 2021