• Man holding a vial

    UQ research recognised in national biomedical incubator

    Groundbreaking UQ research into developing new treatments for conditions such as cancer, inflammatory diseases and type 1 diabetes has received recognition and funding support from a national incubator for biomedical startup companies.

    20 July 2022
  • The graduate with a thirst for success

    Daniel Dunn was just 14-years-old when he started his first business - eight years and five business ventures later he graduates this week from the University of Queensland Bachelor of Advanced Business Honours.

    11 July 2022
  • A woman and a man in business wear walking past a sandstone building

    UQ’s MBA program tops rankings

    The University of Queensland’s Master of Business Administration has been ranked Australia’s number one MBA program.

    23 June 2022
Queensland's 2022 budget was handed down on June 21. Adobe.

Queensland Treasurer Cameron Dick today hands down the 2022 State budget. What can we expect from the Budget and what will those decisions mean for the state and its communities? UQ has the expertise to answer all those questions and more.

21 June 2022
Artistic drawing of woman running towards Covid-19 molecules ahead of two men. Adobe.

Countries with female leaders recorded 30 per cent fewer COVID-19 deaths than nations governed by men, according to University of Queensland research.

16 June 2022
Order of Australia medals on a purple background

An international leader in audiology and an Indigenous author and poet are among an extensive list of University of Queensland representatives who have been named on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List this year.

13 June 2022
A man at a lecturn waving and a woman in a red dress watching on.

The ALP will rightly bask in this election victory. As the party’s Sydney MP Tanya Plibersek put it Saturday night: a win is a win is a win.

23 May 2022

The University of Queensland will lead Australia’s effort to supercharge commercialisation in the food and beverage industry, with a share of $362 million in federal government funding.

16 May 2022
Two young people smoking e-cigarettes. Adobe

Globally, most adolescents who experiment with vaping don’t develop an addiction, but the way tobacco products were taxed may be linked with higher e-cigarette use among young people, according to new University of Queensland research.

13 May 2022
Man looking at receipt in supermarket. Adobe

Inflation in Australia is officially at its highest level in more than 20 years, confirming what people have been experiencing at supermarkets, service stations and in housing markets.

5 May 2022
A small white plastic device being held to a man's forehead

A skin microbiopsy device developed by researchers at The University of Queensland, that takes tissue samples smaller than 0.5mm in diameter, could change the way skin cancers and other skin conditions are diagnosed and monitored.

19 April 2022
The outside of the Andrew N. Liveris building.

An innovative new building at The University of Queensland is more than just smart architecture - it has the potential to unlock ways for Australia to transition to a sustainable, zero-emissions economy.

13 April 2022
Parliament House, Canberra under a cloudy sky. Adobe

The Federal election campaign has officially kicked off, and Australians are heading to the polls on May 21.

11 April 2022
A woman holding a metal rod, with a man in suit looking on.

A Brisbane startup company founded on University of Queensland technology to monitor the health of electricity network transformers has been acquired by French multinational Schneider Electric in a multi-million-dollar deal.

5 April 2022
Floods inundating several homes with only the roof tiles visible of the one in the centre of the picture

As South-East Queensland and New South Wales wade through the devastation of storms and flooding that now threatens the greater Sydney region, residents and businesses will be turning to insurance as their only hope of recovery.

4 March 2022
The flags of Russia and Ukraine with the silhouette of a soldier in front

Russia has invaded Ukraine – creating the largest security crisis in Europe since World War II. How will the West respond to this Russian aggression and what does it mean for world peace, energy prices and international trade? The University of...

25 February 2022
A woman and a man wearing dark suits standing behind a counter in masks

As vaccination rates continue to rise and government border policies change, the need for hotel quarantine is fading.

21 January 2022
Mortarboards being thrown in the air

It's been another tough year for the class of 2021, coping with COVID shutdowns and changing circumstances. But finally their hard work has paid off, with graduation underway.

10 December 2021