A young man in glasses and a navy button-up shirt smiles at the camera. There is a leafy green tree in the background.

Meet Lachlan Scott, the 2022 Valedictorian of UQ’s Bachelor of Speech Pathology, who has Tourette syndrome.

16 December 2022
A woman with long black hair is smiling at the camera, she is wearing a graduation cap and gown over a white dress and is standing in the sandstone cloisters of UQ's Great Court.

University of Queensland graduate Dr Ella Ceolin can partly thank school holiday boredom for setting her on a career path in medicine.

14 December 2022
A line of people in suits sitting in chairs holding pieces of paper

People from minority groups who speak with ‘non-standard’ accents face discrimination in job interviews, researchers from The University of Queensland have found.

24 November 2022
A bearded man in a short and high vis vest sits with his head bowed in a factory.

A University of Queensland study is investigating the issues around employee disclosure of medical conditions in the workplace, with a particular emphasis on military veterans.

29 September 2022
Jacaranda tree in front of UQ sandstone in The Great Court

The recipients of this year’s University of Queensland Alumni Awards are transforming communities across the world - from improving regional and rural healthcare to saving threatened ecosystems.

21 September 2022
A hospitality worker stands at the counter of a cafe, typing into a computer.

A University of Queensland study of hospitality workers in Australia has found the industry is rife with sexual harassment, bullying, wage theft and exploitation.

13 September 2022
UQ Vice-Chancellor Professor Deborah Terry with UQ graduates.

The University of Queensland has made a bold pledge to tackle educational disadvantage in the state by 2032, striving to remove barriers to help talented students from rural, remote and low socio-economic backgrounds access university.

24 August 2022
A woman in glasses sits at a desk in a home office looking worried.

Researchers from The University of Queensland have found the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia has had a greater financial and psychological impact on women than men.

23 August 2022
A young hockey player guiding the ball with her stick on a blue hockey field

UQ student and emerging hockey star Claire Colwill is experiencing a whirlwind of emotions after being selected to represent Australia at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham this week.

25 July 2022
Men and women sitting around a board room table with sun shining through glass wall. Adobe

Legislated ‘diversity’ quotas are not the answer to having more empowered women on Australian boards, according to research from The University of Queensland.

25 July 2022
Dr Sonia Shah and Cadence Taylor sitting on a log on a beach with the ocean in the background

They look like any other tourists walking along the sand on Lady Musgrave Island, off the southern Queensland coast. But award-winning University of Queensland scientist Dr Sonia Shah and Bundaberg State High School student Cadence Taylor are...

18 July 2022
A young woman in a graduation cap and gown holds a netball and leans against a column in the St Lucia Great Court

After 11 years of juggling the demands of an elite sporting career with study, Queensland Firebird Gabi Simpson has been acknowledged for her hard work and success, graduating from The University of Queensland as valedictorian.

15 July 2022
A young woman faces the camera wearing graduation robe and cap, smiling. She is holding a bunch of flowers.

Naomi Sweasey changed the direction of her UQ Bachelor of Arts degree after an "enthralling" elective subject in her first semester.

14 July 2022

Michaela Gyasi-Agyei has always had a love of learning. The University of Queensland Bachelors of Economics / Laws (Honours) graduate remembers spending just a few weeks in Grade One at her Rockhampton primary school before she was moved to the...

13 July 2022

Daniel Dunn was just 14-years-old when he started his first business - eight years and five business ventures later he graduates this week from the University of Queensland Bachelor of Advanced Business Honours.

11 July 2022