• Two people wearing lab coats looking down into a round metal furnace

    UQ heats up the space race

    A custom-built furnace that can heat materials to almost 3000 degrees Celsius has been installed at The University of Queensland to build components for Australia’s burgeoning space industry.

    8 September 2023
  • A woman with short hair in a black jacket and white glasses smiles broadly.

    Master plan to create healthier communities

    Australia’s biggest master-planned community could soon become one of our healthiest.

    7 September 2023
  • A closeup image of a hand tipping tablet medication into an open palm. There is a glass of water in the background.

    Innovative research to prevent medication related harm

    A University of Queensland research collaboration with Brisbane's Princess Alexandra Hospital will look at reducing the risk of harm from medication for inpatients and those leaving hospital to return home.

    4 September 2023
A close up image of two thick beef steaks, cooked with pink insides and some rosemary on a plate.

Australian beef producers could lead the world by developing ‘flavour profiles’ for premium products similar to those used in the wine industry, according to a leading UQ researcher.

24 August 2023
A patient lies on a reclining chair in a dental clinic as two student dentists in scrubs treat her.

A student-led dental clinic in rural Queensland has improved the oral health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by providing access to culturally appropriate and timely care.

23 August 2023
An image taken from a microscope with two thick bright green & blue lines on a black background.

Pre-clinical trials by University of Queensland researchers have found an injection of a specific blood factor can replicate the benefits of exercise in the brain.

17 August 2023
An elderly man and woman looking over a sheet of paper

Women can competently take over financial decision-making when they perceive a decline in their husband’s cognitive ability but the same can’t be said for men, according to University of Queensland research.

10 August 2023
A heavily pregnant woman sits cross-legged with her arms protectively around the top and bottom of her belly.

A study led by UQ researchers has found women who have experienced maltreatment, domestic violence or household substance abuse as children have a higher risk of complications during pregnancy.

4 August 2023
An Indigenous woman kisses a baby looking over her shoulder.

A landmark research project will place health workers in Indigenous communities across Queensland to study the long-term wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

1 August 2023
An older woman with white hair and glasses looks at the viewer. A girl of around 5-6 years old has her arms around her neck affectionately.

A global study co-led by researchers from The University of Queensland and Harvard Medical School has found one in two people will develop a mental health disorder in their lifetime.

31 July 2023
A close up photo of a hand pouring yellow and brown tablets from a white plastic pill bottle onto an open palm.

A report by University of Queensland researchers has warned a global crisis of antibiotic resistance is inevitable, despite promising developments in new antibiotics.

25 July 2023
A female scientist in a blue lab coat sits at a computer beside a digital microscope scanning system.

Patients will receive faster and more accurate pathology results following a decade-long research project that is set to transform medical diagnosis.

21 July 2023
A man looking aggressive and threatening stands before a woman at a medical reception desk.

University of Queensland research has found verbal and physical abuse of medical receptionists by patients is rife, and causing lasting harm.

7 July 2023
A forest of tall gum trees

Research conducted by The University of Queensland revealed that Queensland native forestry, including timber harvesting, could actually help conserve biodiversity and mitigate climate risks.

7 July 2023
Colourful text on a black background that reads - 50+ Indigenous people changing the world.

Six University of Queensland staff members are featured on a national NAIDOC Week list of 52 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are changing the world.

4 July 2023
An image from a microscope showing four orange coloured cone-shaped snail shells, each measuring around 1.5mm.

UQ researchers have reared deadly cone snails in a laboratory aquarium for the first time, uncovering a potential treasure trove of new venoms for drug development.

29 June 2023
A grey bottlenose dolphin reaching it's head above the surface of the water

University of Queensland researchers have found bottlenose dolphins in Moreton Bay off Brisbane could be teaching other dolphins to ‘beg’ for food from recreational fishers, with the behaviour creating short and long-term risks.

23 June 2023
A large brown hairy spider sits atop a rock at close range to the viewer.

Research using venom from a rare tarantula is one of two University of Queensland projects which have received funding to develop treatments for motor neurone disease (MND).

21 June 2023