Red panda in a tree

The much-loved red panda is renowned for its tree-climbing ability and adorable nature, but new research shows the endangered mammal is being driven closer to extinction.

6 June 2022
Fish swimming around coral on Heron Reef

A group of Australian scientists have for the first time unravelled the history of climate change upheaval on the Great Barrier Reef over the past eight millennia. Led by University of Queensland graduate Dr Marcos Salas-Saavedra, the team analysed...

30 May 2022
A picture of an ocean reef

Water quality in the Great Barrier Reef will be improved thanks to a multimillion-dollar collaboration between The University of Queensland and the Queensland Department of Environment and Science.

22 April 2022
A koala sitting in a tree

Wildlife researchers at The University of Queensland have developed a new management approach which could protect the iconic koala from extinction.

20 April 2022
The outside of the Andrew N. Liveris building.

An innovative new building at The University of Queensland is more than just smart architecture - it has the potential to unlock ways for Australia to transition to a sustainable, zero-emissions economy.

13 April 2022
A woman holding a metal rod, with a man in suit looking on.

A Brisbane startup company founded on University of Queensland technology to monitor the health of electricity network transformers has been acquired by French multinational Schneider Electric in a multi-million-dollar deal.

5 April 2022
A pair of hands in surgical gloves examing a petri dish

The University of Queensland has been selected as one of the first launch institutions in the world to partner with biotechnology company Moderna to research and develop vaccines to tackle the world’s greatest global public health threats.

10 March 2022
A woman in a white shirt smiling

Dr Sonia Shah is deciphering some of the most difficult scientific and medical dilemmas facing society, but it was returning to work after having a baby that almost unravelled her.

9 March 2022
A woman sitting cross-legged in a black and red dress

Dr Anh Tran has a very personal reason to try to make life better for women and children living in refugee settings around the world.

8 March 2022
Men looking at flood water across road. Adobe

Lismore and Brisbane’s catastrophic flood emergency has come only a short time after the last flooding disaster.

1 March 2022
Sun shining through smoke onto high-rise buildings. Adobe

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has handed down the second instalment of its Sixth Assessment report, Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaption and Vulnerability.

1 March 2022
The flags of Russia and Ukraine with the silhouette of a soldier in front

Russia has invaded Ukraine – creating the largest security crisis in Europe since World War II. How will the West respond to this Russian aggression and what does it mean for world peace, energy prices and international trade? The University of...

25 February 2022
A man pulling hair from the tail of a cow

A way to determine the age of cattle by analysing their tail hair has been described as a “game changer” for Australia’s lucrative northern cattle industry.

24 February 2022
A koala sitting in a tree

Federal government has officially listed koalas as ‘endangered’ along Australia's east coast to protect shrinking populations. The University of Queensland has a range of experts available to offer expert comment on this development.

11 February 2022
A parrot in flight

Researchers have revealed that threatened birds have disappeared from almost 70 per cent of Australia since European colonisation.

7 February 2022