• Man holding a vial

    UQ research recognised in national biomedical incubator

    Groundbreaking UQ research into developing new treatments for conditions such as cancer, inflammatory diseases and type 1 diabetes has received recognition and funding support from a national incubator for biomedical startup companies.

    20 July 2022
  • Packets of red coloured throat lozenges on a white background. Adobe

    Sore throats suck. Do throat lozenges help at all?

    Sore throat is a common symptom of COVID and its newer variants. And of course, many sore throats are caused by viral colds or flu, so they can be treated at home. The most common treatment is probably throat lozenges – but do they really work any...

    15 July 2022
  • A young woman in a graduation cap and gown holds a netball and leans against a column in the St Lucia Great Court

    Simpson’s success on and off the court

    After 11 years of juggling the demands of an elite sporting career with study, Queensland Firebird Gabi Simpson has been acknowledged for her hard work and success, graduating from The University of Queensland as valedictorian.

    15 July 2022
A woman scientist in a laboratory

Australian researchers may be a step closer to preventing Type 1 diabetes after identifying a crucial protein that could prevent the autoimmune disease from taking hold.

14 July 2022
Lorelle Holland wearing a colourful dress and a black, red and yellow sash. She is standing in front of an Aboriginal, Australian, and Torres Strait Islands flag.

Lorelle Holland describes herself as a disruptor. The proud Mandandanji woman and University of Queensland PhD candidate is relatively new to academia but is already making her mark.

8 July 2022
A digital illustration of a digestive system with a person standing behind it

Researchers have isolated five strains of gut bacteria that could pave the way for new inflammatory bowel disease treatments and potentially help prevent some forms of bowel cancer.

5 July 2022
A man, woman and two boys pose on the grass next to a seated emu or ostrich at a wildlife park

Amir Douraghi Nezhad was just seven-years-old when he and his family climbed aboard a small fishing boat in Indonesia to make the risky journey to Australia.

24 June 2022
A woman holding hand of another woman

Women with a history of miscarriage and stillbirth have a higher risk of stroke in later life, according to University of Queensland research.

23 June 2022
Physiotherapy student, Shali Thevarasan standing in front of a window overlooking trees. Supplied.

Shali Thevarasan was 12 when she, along with her parents and older brother, fled Sri-Lanka for a safer life in Australia. While it was a relief to reach Australian shores, the University of Queensland physiotherapy student admits it was a huge...

22 June 2022
Family in refugee camp in Sudan

University of Queensland researcher Nyakuoy Yak started life on the run from armed soldiers in Sudan.

20 June 2022
An Eastern Brown Snake

Some of the world’s deadliest snakes could soon be saving lives, with research from The University of Queensland showing venom could be used to stop uncontrolled bleeding.

20 June 2022

Medicines used to prevent bone loss may help lower the risk of ovarian cancer according to research by The University of Queensland.

17 June 2022
Artistic drawing of woman running towards Covid-19 molecules ahead of two men. Adobe.

Countries with female leaders recorded 30 per cent fewer COVID-19 deaths than nations governed by men, according to University of Queensland research.

16 June 2022
Physician in white coat holding a syringe containing vaccine

University of Queensland researchers are calling for an urgent review of low influenza vaccination rates for pregnant women and whooping cough vaccinations for Indigenous mothers-to-be.

14 June 2022
A woman in a white top reclines on a couch, resting a blue coffee cup on her pregnant stomach

University of Queensland researchers have found enjoying a daily latte or long black causes no increased risk to pregnancy.

14 June 2022
Order of Australia medals on a purple background

An international leader in audiology and an Indigenous author and poet are among an extensive list of University of Queensland representatives who have been named on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List this year.

13 June 2022
Woman on exercise bike while man stands nearby with laptop. Supplied.

Women in rural and regional areas recovering from gynaecological cancer and treatment will now have access to a University of Queensland rehabilitation program through telehealth.

10 June 2022
Nine year-old sepsis survivor Mia Wilkinson sitting on slide with mother Amy. Supplied.

A clinical study examining new ways of treating children with sepsis - using vitamin C and steroids alongside antibiotics - could save children’s lives around the world.

9 June 2022