Two young people smoking e-cigarettes. Adobe

Globally, most adolescents who experiment with vaping don’t develop an addiction, but the way tobacco products were taxed may be linked with higher e-cigarette use among young people, according to new University of Queensland research.

13 May 2022
UQ's new online course will be open and free to anyone. Adobe

The University of Queensland is among just ten educational institutions to receive a slice of $1.4 million to create courses designed to develop Essential Human Skills for the Virtual Age.

3 May 2022
A woman holding a metal rod, with a man in suit looking on.

A Brisbane startup company founded on University of Queensland technology to monitor the health of electricity network transformers has been acquired by French multinational Schneider Electric in a multi-million-dollar deal.

5 April 2022
A pair of hands in surgical gloves examing a petri dish

The University of Queensland has been selected as one of the first launch institutions in the world to partner with biotechnology company Moderna to research and develop vaccines to tackle the world’s greatest global public health threats.

10 March 2022
Sun shining through smoke onto high-rise buildings. Adobe

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has handed down the second instalment of its Sixth Assessment report, Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaption and Vulnerability.

1 March 2022
An artist's impression of hookworm inside a human intestine.

There’s been a significant breakthrough in the development of a vaccine to prevent hookworm infection – a parasite which causes serious disease in tens of millions of people globally.

26 October 2021
A cross section of a taro.

The tropical root vegetable taro, known as the ‘food of the gods’ in the Pacific, is under threat from rising sea levels but wild Australian plants being cultivated by The University of Queensland may help boost food security in the region.

21 October 2021

A University of Queensland start-up company, developing a potential new treatment for obesity-related liver disease, has secured a seed investment of $1.3 million from IP Group, a UK-based intellectual property business.

20 October 2021
People spraying pesticides in rice fields.

Sri Lanka is reducing its pesticide-attributable deaths and overall suicide mortality using research from The University of Queensland.

10 May 2021
Amritesh Kumar Maurya with his parents

An Indian student who grew up in a slum in Delhi will have access to an international education thanks to The University of Queensland’s partnership with Asha – an Indian non-profit organisation which improves the lives of slum dwellers.

21 April 2021
His Excellency Bruce Davis, High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, Dr Jessica Gallagher UQ, Professor Peter Høj  and Associate Professor Ora Renagi OL, Graeme Hancock and Anna Madgwick Newcrest Mining

The University of Queensland has partnered with Papua New Guinea's largest technological institution to support sustainable development outcomes across the country’s resources sector.

2 August 2019

University of Queensland researchers will explore how the ingenuity and expertise of Australian architects contributes to improving the quality of life among Chinese citizens.

10 July 2019
An informal settlement in India

Attempts to redevelop informal settlements with apartment buildings could cause more harm than good in developing regions, according to a University of Queensland PhD architecture student.

8 July 2019
An inspirational example of the fruits of peace in Colombia.

Former Colombian guerrillas who are in the process of reintegration into society as whitewater rafting guides will appear at two free events held at The University of Queensland this week.

20 May 2019
A visiting student from Africa examines a gem stone.

Australia’s world-leading expertise in small-scale mining is being showcased to 30 emerging leaders from the African mining sector as they visit the Gladstone and Emerald regions in Central Queensland.

26 February 2019