• Man holding a vial

    UQ research recognised in national biomedical incubator

    Groundbreaking UQ research into developing new treatments for conditions such as cancer, inflammatory diseases and type 1 diabetes has received recognition and funding support from a national incubator for biomedical startup companies.

    20 July 2022
  • A woman scientist in a laboratory

    Discovery boosts hopes of preventing Type I diabetes

    Australian researchers may be a step closer to preventing Type 1 diabetes after identifying a crucial protein that could prevent the autoimmune disease from taking hold.

    14 July 2022
  • An Eastern Brown Snake

    Deadly snakes could save your life

    Some of the world’s deadliest snakes could soon be saving lives, with research from The University of Queensland showing venom could be used to stop uncontrolled bleeding.

    20 June 2022
Woman on exercise bike while man stands nearby with laptop. Supplied.

Women in rural and regional areas recovering from gynaecological cancer and treatment will now have access to a University of Queensland rehabilitation program through telehealth.

10 June 2022
Sleep coaches Jamie Dunne and Karen Chong and Cultural Advisor Roslyn Von Senden hold up monitoring watches

Young Indigenous people in Mt Isa will be taught about the mental health benefits of a good night’s sleep as part of a nation-leading program developed by The University of Queensland.

2 June 2022
Silverleaf Whitefly attacks 500 plant species including cotton, grain and vegetables.

It’s one of the biggest challenges facing the environment and farmers across the globe - pest control. Now, University of Queensland scientists have developed an environmentally friendly spray which could prove to be a game-changer for the...

17 May 2022

The University of Queensland will lead Australia’s effort to supercharge commercialisation in the food and beverage industry, with a share of $362 million in federal government funding.

16 May 2022
A pregnant woman sitting on a couch refusing an offered glass of wine

Queensland children affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) will soon have earlier access to additional diagnostic and support services, which could give them better long-term outcomes.

10 February 2022
Magnifying glass over skin cancer.

University of Queensland researchers will lead the creation of a national blueprint for screening melanoma - one of Australia’s most common and deadly cancers.

3 November 2021
Head shot of Dr Dan Watterson with his arms folded across his chest, and the lab behind

The University of Queensland’s Associate Professor Dan Watterson has been awarded a $1.25 million CSL Centenary Fellowship to research accelerated pandemic treatments.

28 October 2021
Man holding his neck in pain

Improving health and economic costs after road traffic injuries is the focus of a new University of Queensland-led Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) awarded $2.5 million by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

27 October 2021
close up of a woman's face. She's holding a hamburger and licking her lips

For many people, nothing beats the taste and texture of a big juicy burger, but how do you recreate that eating experience with sustainable plant-based protein? 

12 October 2021
Headshot of a girl on a beach.

A digital program enhancing physical and mental wellbeing for young people adjusting to life after cancer, will be developed by The University of Queensland in partnership with cancer support organisation Canteen.

8 October 2021

A landmark research project led by The University of Queensland is aiming to improve the cardiovascular health of young children with cerebral palsy (CP) by trialling a new running program.

6 October 2021
Headshot of man smiling

A University of Queensland medical student has been awarded a prestigious fellowship to research the debilitating nervous system disorder, Parkinson's Disease.

27 September 2021
Headshot of Professor Leanne Hides

Increasing access to cost effective, evidence-based treatment for alcohol and drug use is the focus of a University of Queensland-led Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

24 September 2021
Dr Kirsty Short in the laboratory

A project developing a test and treatments that would be effective against multiple viral threats could become a cornerstone of the world’s response to future pandemics.

14 September 2021

A test being developed in Queensland could help to reduce the high mortality rate from ovarian cancer by dramatically improving the accuracy of early detection.

26 July 2021